Refillable and Reusable Capsules for Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and Vertuo. Accessories for Thermomix.

100% Made In Italy

Stop Polluting, Save Money And Take Care Of Your Health

Reusable Capsules For Nespresso Original Line

We believe that respect for the environment should be the principle behind any business choice. This is why we created Madama Coffee Refillable Capsule for Nespresso Original Line. Now you too can do the same.


Reusable Caps For Nespresso Vertuo

Thanks to Madama caps for Vertuo you can now choose your favorite coffee. You know what you're drinking and don't have to worry about your health


Reusable Capsules For Dolce Gusto

Reuse it as many times as you want, simply open it, fill it with your favorite coffee, brew your espresso and clean it. The reusable capsule for Dolce Gusto is now ready to be reused.


Nespresso Capsules Recycler

Separate the coffee ground and recycle the aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules in one shot! It works with all aluminum compatible pods,. Made of PHB, a bio-based material, recyclable, compostable and BPA-free


Moka Pot for Induction Hobs

Introducing Madamin, our stainless steel moka pot espresso maker, the perfect addition to any coffee lover's kitchen. For induction, ceramic, electric and gas stovetop


Funnel For Your Thermomix

Made of 100% bio-based material, with characteristics similar to traditional plastic for everyday use, but a material of biological origin, compostable, recyclable, BPA-free.